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Add issue and merge request templates

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## Description
Please describe shortly what this merge request is doing and why
it is needed. If there is an related issue, please mention it here.
## Checklist
Please make sure to go over all points on the checklist and
mark them as checked.
- [ ] I made sure that the source files are formatted properly.
- [ ] I added my changes to the changelog (``)
- [ ] I updated the documentation.
If the pull request adds new content, please check the points
below. Otherwise remove the following lines.
- [ ] I added a test for the new feature.
## Description
Please describe the problem/feature request. Please also describe what you want
to achieve.
### Environment
Please provide information about the operating system and relevant versions of
the software.
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, preCICE 2.3.0, DuMuX 3.4, DuMuX-preCICE 0.1
## Steps to reproduce
<!-- Please describe the steps one has to execture to reproduce the problem. --->
### Expected behavior
<!-- What outcome did you expect? --->
### Actual behavior
<!-- What was the actual outcome? --->
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## Not released yet
- 2022-01-25: Added [description templates]( for merge requests and issues.
- 2022-01-12: The repository has been restructured. The main changes are:
- The adapter is now called `CouplingAdapter` and resides in `dumux-precice/`. The build process has been adapted accordingly.
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