1. 02 Aug, 2022 1 commit
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      Add CMake macrot for file links to preCICE files · 4975a2f3
      Alexander Jaust authored
      A CMake macro called `add_precice_file_links` is added. If one
      calls this macro in a `CMakeLists.txt` via `add_precice_file_links()`,
      file links to all XML files in the directory of the `CMakeLists.txt`
      are created.
      The paths in tests have been adapted accordingly to use 
      `CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR` instead to refering to the source directory.
  2. 12 Jan, 2022 1 commit
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      [repository] Restructure repository and tests · c00d26fd
      Alexander Jaust authored
      - This MR removes unused test cases and separates stronger
      between tests and example cases. Test cases and examples 
      are classified as `monolithic` or `partitioned`.
      - The tests have been adapted such that the build target
      `build_tests` builds all necessary executables. This means
      on can now run `make build_tests` from `build-cmake` and 
      afterwards run all tests `ctest` to test the adapter.
      - The CI has been adapted to make use of the new build 
      process for tests.
      For more information check out merge request: !18
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