Commit 89d775cb authored by Roman Winter's avatar Roman Winter
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[cleanup] change boundarytypes

parent 1e190f9f
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ class Injection2PNIProblem : public PorousMediumFlowProblem<TypeTag>
using Scalar = GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::Scalar>;
using Indices = typename GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::ModelTraits>::Indices;
using PrimaryVariables = GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::PrimaryVariables>;
using BoundaryTypes = GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::BoundaryTypes>;
using BoundaryTypes = Dumux::BoundaryTypes<GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::ModelTraits>::numEq()>;
using FVGridGeometry = GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::GridGeometry>;
using FVElementGeometry = typename GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::GridGeometry>::LocalView;
using FluidSystem = GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::FluidSystem>;
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