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Using DuMux in a Docker container
This repository contains the Dockerfiles to build Docker images. The Docker
images can be found on the [Dumux Docker Hub](
Using these Docker images you can spin up Docker containers to run DuMux.
Running with docker-compose
The easiest is starting the container using docker-compose.
Create a YAML file called `docker-compose.yml` (default recognized by docker-compose) or choosing
a custom name with the following content.
# Starts a dumux container with graphic support
image: dumux:latest
container_name: 'dumux'
- /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:rw
- /dev/dri
- /bin/bash
stdin_open: true
tty: true
Then run
docker-compose [-f mydockercomposefile.yml] run dumux
This will start a Docker container running DuMux (hopefully with graphical support).
Docker-compose will default to `docker-compose.yml` if no file is specified with the `-f` option.
Running without docker-compose
You also can spin up a Docker container running DuMux by simly using the Docker command. However,
the expression can get quite lengthy, especially when you want to support the graphical display.
docker run -it --rm --env DISPLAY=unix$DISPLAY --device /dev/dri --volume /tmp/.X11-unix:/tmp/.X11-unix:rw dumux:latest /bin/bash
Run first DuMux program
To run your first DuMux application change the directory by running
cd dumux/build-cmake/test/porousmediumflow/1p/implicit
build the program running
make test_cc1p
and run it
Congratulations you just solved a one-phase model in a quadratic domain with permeability lens.
You can have a look at the result with the visualization tool paraview.
paraview 1ptestcc.pvd
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