Commit b020dffe authored by Holger Class's avatar Holger Class

fixed an outdated usage of Formulation

parent 7ff2a2a1
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ SET_TYPE_PROP(FuelCellLectureProblem, Grid, Dune::YaspGrid<2>);
SET_TYPE_PROP(FuelCellLectureProblem, Problem, FuelCellLectureProblem<TypeTag>);
// Set the primary variable combination for the 2pnc model
SET_INT_PROP(FuelCellLectureProblem, Formulation, TwoPNCFormulation::pgSl);
SET_INT_PROP(FuelCellLectureProblem, Formulation, TwoPNCFormulation::pnsw);
// Set fluid configuration
SET_PROP(FuelCellLectureProblem, FluidSystem)
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