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    Adaptations necessary for 2p2cni model: · 078e5150
    Benjamin Faigle authored
    -Replaced component-specifics by loops over all transported quantities
    -resized vectors to all transported quantities
    -read temperature from cellData (vor volDerivs) and not from problem
    -use asImp-calls also for multiphyiscs
    Changes in pressure modules:
    -introduce more saveguards to avoid wrong compressibilities
    -prevent simple physics models at wells
    -remove overdamping of high volume errors in error correction
    -correct restart capabilities
    -correct vector multiplication from (dKg)*(nd) to (dKn)*fabs(dg)
    -introduced boundary regularization for permeabilities, triggered by property RegulateBoundaryPermeability
    Discussed with Markus
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