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    [AMGBackend] fix AMGBackend for sequential grids and HAVE_MPI == 1 · 21c2b3d8
    Bernd Flemisch authored
    So far, the AMGBackend only worked for sequential grids if HAVE_MPI
    was 0. This was due to the fact that AmgTraits distinguished between
    parallel and sequential by evaluating HAVE_MPI. If HAVE_MPI was 1
    but the Grid was sequential, this lead to compiler errors for the
    constructor calls of the Communicator, LinearOperator and
    Do this properly now by using Dune::Capabilities for distinction
    between the sequential and parallel case. For Dune 2.4, the
    capability isParallel has to be used, while for Dune 3.0, it is
    canCommunicate. The correct AmgTraits and constructor calls are
    chosen by template specialization.
    This solves FS#300.