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    property system: deprecate property defaults, make the PTAG() optional in GET_PROP*() · 812d1d28
    Andreas Lauser authored
    defaults for properties come with quite a few issues, probably the
    most galling one is that they can only be specified once in the whole
    code base. This means so they are best avoided.
    Further, the PTAG() in the GET_PROP* is not useful in 99% of all
    cases. It was there to also allow full c++ types (e.g. template
    arguments) as parameters. For the code that really needs this, there
    now is GET_PROP*_ and PTAG_ (mind the underscores). To my knowledge
    that only affects the run-time parameter system. The parameter system
    has been adapted, everyone else can now write GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag,
    Scalar) instead of GET_TYPE_PROP(TypeTag, PTAG(Scalar)). (the PTAG
    macro is still around but just does nothing.)
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