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    [amg] clean up the AMG backend · 97575a22
    Bernd Flemisch authored
    - The properties "AMGPDELabBackend" and "AMGLocalFemMap" are unified to
      "AmgTraits". Since they appear to have been used only internally and
      deprecation is technically difficult, no deprecation is made.
    - Remove setting of the property "SolutionVector", since it only resets
      the defaults.
    - Deprecate the classes "SeqAMGBackend" and "ScaledSeqAMGBackend". The
      "AMGBackend" already distinguishes between serial and parallel
      settings. The scaling should be done for the residual already.
    - Deprecate the class "P0LocalFiniteElementMap" which was only used for
      the PDELab-based backend.
    - Remove occurrences of "PDELab" in the comments.
    Reviewed by gruenich.
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