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    darcyFluxVariables: · d06faa67
    Philipp Nuske authored
    - incorporate the minus sign of the darcy relation only at the velocity calculation. I.e take it away from kGradpNormal.
    Therefore, >< for upstream decision has to be switched: in boxdarcyfluxvariables and in the smooth upwinding of mpnclocalresidualmass
    - correct some spelling
    - split the main body in two function: calculate gradients and calculate velocities. 
    - calculate volumeFlux from velocity instead of calculating it from scratch: less error prone. 
    set the evaluation point to zero. This is only used for semi-smooth methods. If this is not set to zero, strange segfaults may occur because the evaluation point is *not* set
    *Introducing* boxforcheimerfluxvariables: 
    It is now possible to calculate velocities according to the Forchheimer relation in stead of exclusively the Darcy relation. This flux calculation can be used without changing the actual residual calculation: just derive the fluxvariables from boxforchheimerfluxvariables (or use them directly as your fluxvariables)
    The only other necessary ingredient for using the Forchheimer relation is putting a forchheimer coefficient into your spatialparameters class (see the forchheimer tests in test/boxmodels/mpnc)
    derive from Basefluxvariables Property in stead of DarcyFluxVariables. This way the velocity-potentialGradient relation can be chosen in the problem. 
    introduce new Property for Darcy / Forchheimer relation switch
    derive from  a property allowing for the setting of velocity relation (Darcy/Forchheimer) in the problem
    mpncvolumevariables, mpnclocalresidualmass, mpncwritercommon:
    correct typo / naming
    added heatcapacity function, 
    removed ";"
    added two tests for the forchheimer relation. One test for single phase flow and one test for two-phase flow.
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