Commit 0f598cd0 authored by Dennis Gläser's avatar Dennis Gläser
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[mpfa] do not do neumann flux scaling

For non-zero neumann boundary conditions we did a scaling to recover
DgradU at the boundary from the prescribed flux. We don't do this anymore
and assume that when the UseTpfaBoundary property is set to false, that the
user provides -DgradU at the boundary instead of, e.g., mass fluxes.
parent 20f0c059
......@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ class DarcysLawImplementation<TypeTag, DiscretizationMethods::CCMpfa>
using IndexType = typename GridView::IndexSet::IndexType;
using Stencil = std::vector<IndexType>;
static const bool useTpfaBoundary = GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, UseTpfaBoundary);
static const MpfaMethods method = GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, MpfaMethod);
......@@ -108,7 +109,10 @@ public:
flux += tij[localIdx++]*h;
return flux + fluxVarsCache.advectionNeumannFlux(phaseIdx);
if (useTpfaBoundary)
return flux;
return flux + fluxVarsCache.advectionNeumannFlux(phaseIdx);
static Stencil stencil(const Problem& problem,
......@@ -203,8 +203,7 @@ public:
T_ += D;
template<typename UpwindFactorFunction>
void assembleNeumannFluxes(const UpwindFactorFunction& upwindFactor, const unsigned int eqIdx)
void assembleNeumannFluxes(const unsigned int eqIdx)
if (!onBoundary() || GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, UseTpfaBoundary))
......@@ -221,11 +220,7 @@ public:
auto neumannFlux = problem_().neumann(element, this->fvGeometry_(), this->elemVolVars_(), globalScvf)[eqIdx];
neumannFlux *= globalScvf.area();
// recover -k*gradh
const auto& insideScv = fvGeometry_().scv(globalScvf.insideScvIdx());
const auto& volVars = elemVolVars_()[insideScv];
neumannFlux /= upwindFactor(volVars);
// The flux is assumed to be prescribed in the form of -D*gradU
neumannFluxes_[fluxFaceIdx] = neumannFlux;
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