Commit 1146bb70 authored by Beatrix Becker's avatar Beatrix Becker
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[2p2c sequential] add problem constructor that can be called with gridView

parent 06897d0e
......@@ -72,8 +72,12 @@ public:
* \param timeManager The time manager
* \param grid The grid
IMPETProblem2P2C(TimeManager &timeManager, Grid& grid)
: ParentType(timeManager, grid)
IMPETProblem2P2C(TimeManager& timeManager, Grid& grid)
: IMPETProblem2P2C(timeManager, grid, grid.leafGridView())
IMPETProblem2P2C(TimeManager &timeManager, Grid& grid, const GridView& gridView)
: ParentType(timeManager, grid, gridView)
{ }
* \brief The constructor for given spatialParams
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