Commit 17137c22 authored by Johannes Hommel's avatar Johannes Hommel
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Cleanup h2on2o2 fluidsystem

added a missing std:: in line 359
parent 18d6d147
......@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ public:
const Scalar mu = 1.256;
const Scalar b = -0.625;
//Equation to calculate surface Tension of Water According to IAPWS Release on Surface Tension from September 1994
const Scalar surfaceTension = B*pow((1.-(T/T_c)),mu)*(1.+b*(1.-(T/T_c)));
const Scalar surfaceTension = B*std::pow((1.-(T/T_c)),mu)*(1.+b*(1.-(T/T_c)));
return surfaceTension; //surface Tension [N/m]
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