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Remove check of number of equations.

Since the shallowwater viscous momentum flux is only implemented for 2D
depth averaged models, the ShallowwaterViscousFlux checks if the number
of equations is euqal to three. Unfortunatly, this prevents the use of
the viscous flux for models which couple shallowwater flow and sediment
transport, which have more equations.
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......@@ -55,10 +55,9 @@ static constexpr bool implementsFrictionLaw()
* \ingroup Flux
* \brief Computes the shallow water viscous momentum flux due to (turbulent) viscosity
* by adding all surrounding shear stresses.
* For now implemented strictly for 2D depth-averaged models (i.e. 3 equations)
* For now implemented strictly for 2D depth-averaged models
template<class PrimaryVariables, class NumEqVector,
typename std::enable_if_t<NumEqVector::size() == 3, int> = 0>
template<class PrimaryVariables, class NumEqVector>
class ShallowWaterViscousFlux
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