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update containing: multidomain restart, gnuplot and fuzzycompare

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......@@ -27,6 +27,17 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 2.6 and DuMuX 2.7
cube grids. This has been generalized to simplices (box and cc) and prisms/
pyramids (box only).
- Revised and fixed restart capability for the multidomain models.
- A gnuplot interface has been added (works only with CMake). With
this interface it is possible to plot material laws (like in the 2p2cni test),
or to generate live-updating output (like in test_2cnistokes2p2cni).
The gnuplot interface reads analytical functions, data file or data arrays.
- The fuzzycompare script for automatic testing has been improved. Instead of
printing only the first deviation from the reference solution, it now
prints the maximum deviation in each field/variable.
* IMMEDIATE INTERFACE CHANGES not allowing/requiring a deprecation period:
- Before, the "heatCapacity" function in the spatial parameters and volume
variables of the implicit nonisothermal models was a misnomer, since it
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