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[changelog] Mention PNM

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Differences Between DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.4 and DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.3
### Improvements and Enhancements
- __Pore-network models added to DuMu<sup>x</sup>__:
- Three fully implicit pore-network models (1p, 1pnc, 2p) have been added.
- A quasi-static 2p PNM for the creation of pc-Sw curves has been added.
- A new namespace `Dumux::PoreNetwork` has been introduced, containing all relevant classes and functions for pore-network modeling.
- An example introduces the use of the 1p PNM for the estimation of the upscaled Darcy permeability.
- Note that this is still considered a rather _experimental_ feature. Everything within namespace `Dumux::PoreNetwork` might undergo (backward-compatibility breaking) changes _without prior notice_.
- __Several scripts have been translated to Python__:
- `` to extract the used Dumux/Dune versions of a module (new script: `bin/util/`)
- `` no longer creates an install file, instead, you can now generate install scripts for your module using the new script `bin/util/`.
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