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\chapter{The \Dumux Fluid Framework}
This chapter discusses to the \Dumux fluid framework. \Dumux users who
do not want to write new models and who do not need new fluid
configurations may skip this chapter.
In the chapter, a high level overview over the the principle ideas of
the concepts is given, then a few implementation details follow.
\section{Overview of the Fluid Framework}
The fundamental concepts of the \Dumux fluid framwork are fluid
systems and fluid states. Fluid states are responsible for expressing
the complete thermodynamic configuration of a system, while fluid
systems are state-less classes which provide the relations that
%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: "dumux-handbook"
%%% End:
......@@ -198,14 +198,14 @@ Example:\nolinebreak
template <TypeTag>
class MyClass {
// retrieve the ::value attribute of the 'NumEq' property
enum { numEq = GET_PROP(TypeTag, PTAG(NumEq))::value };
enum { numEq = GET_PROP(TypeTag, NumEq)::value };
// retrieve the ::value attribute of the 'NumPhases' property using the convenience macro
enum { numPhases = GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, PTAG(NumPhases)) };
enum { numPhases = GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, NumPhases) };
// retrieve the ::type attribute of the 'Scalar' property
typedef typename GET_PROP(TypeTag, PTAG(Scalar))::type Scalar;
typedef typename GET_PROP(TypeTag, Scalar)::type Scalar;
// retrieve the ::type attribute of the 'Vector' property using the convenience macro
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, PTAG(Vector)) Vector;
typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Vector) Vector;
......@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@ Example:
SET_PROP(MyModelTypeTag, Vector)
private: typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, PTAG(Scalar)) Scalar;
private: typedef typename GET_PROP_TYPE(TypeTag, Scalar) Scalar;
public: typedef std::vector<Scalar> type;
......@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@ the following:
Using the \Dumux property system, these assumptions are formulated
\begin{lstlisting}[name=propsyscars,basicstyle=\ttfamily\scriptsize,numbers=left,numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt]
SET_INT_PROP(CompactCar, TopSpeed, GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, PTAG(GasUsage)) * 30);
SET_INT_PROP(CompactCar, TopSpeed, GET_PROP_VALUE(TypeTag, GasUsage) * 30);
SET_INT_PROP(CompactCar, NumSeats, 5);
SET_INT_PROP(CompactCar, GasUsage, 4);
......@@ -331,7 +331,7 @@ SET_BOOL_PROP(Sedan, AutomaticTransmission, true);
SET_INT_PROP(Pickup, TopSpeed, 120);
SET_INT_PROP(Pickup, Payload, 5);
SET_INT_PROP(HummerH1, TopSpeed, GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Pickup), PTAG(TopSpeed)));
SET_INT_PROP(HummerH1, TopSpeed, GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Pickup), TopSpeed));
......@@ -349,22 +349,25 @@ be generated. For example
\begin{lstlisting}[name=propsyscars,basicstyle=\ttfamily\scriptsize,numbers=left,numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt]
int main()
std::cout << "top speed of sedan: " << GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Sedan), PTAG(TopSpeed)) << "\n";
std::cout << "top speed of truck: " << GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Truck), PTAG(TopSpeed)) << "\n";
std::cout << "top speed of sedan: " << GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Sedan), TopSpeed) << "\n";
std::cout << "top speed of truck: " << GET_PROP_VALUE(TTAG(Truck), TopSpeed) << "\n";
std::cout << PROP_DIAGNOSTIC(TTAG(Sedan), PTAG(TopSpeed));
std::cout << PROP_DIAGNOSTIC(TTAG(HummerH1), PTAG(CanonCaliber));
std::cout << PROP_DIAGNOSTIC(TTAG(Sedan), TopSpeed);
std::cout << PROP_DIAGNOSTIC(TTAG(HummerH1), CanonCaliber);
will yield the following output:
\begin{lstlisting}[basicstyle=\ttfamily\scriptsize,numbers=left,numberstyle=\tiny, numbersep=5pt]
top speed of sedan: 210
top speed of truck: 100
Property 'TopSpeed' for type tag 'Sedan'
inherited from 'CompactCar'
defined at
Property 'CanonCaliber' for type tag 'HummerH1'
explicitly unset at
Properties for Sedan:
bool AutomaticTransmission = 'true' defined at
int GasUsage = '7' defined at
Inherited from CompactCar:
int NumSeats = '5' defined at
int TopSpeed = '::Dumux::Properties::GetProperty<TypeTag, ::Dumux::Properties::PTag::GasUsage>::p::value * 30' defined at
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