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[3p3c/3p3cmodel.hh]: Corrected some mistakes in doxygen documentation

(e.g., replaced mass with mole fractions)

Reviewed by Thomas

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......@@ -51,14 +51,14 @@ namespace Dumux
* By inserting this into the equations for the conservation of the
* components, one transport equation for each component is obtained as
* \f{eqnarray*}
&& \phi \frac{\partial (\sum_\alpha \varrho_\alpha X_\alpha^\kappa
&& \phi \frac{\partial (\sum_\alpha \varrho_{\alpha,mol} x_\alpha^\kappa
S_\alpha )}{\partial t}
- \sum\limits_\alpha \text{div} \left\{ \frac{k_{r\alpha}}{\mu_\alpha}
\varrho_\alpha x_\alpha^\kappa \mathbf{K}
(\textbf{grad}\, p_\alpha - \varrho_\alpha \mbox{\bf g}) \right\}
\varrho_{\alpha,mol} x_\alpha^\kappa \mathbf{K}
(\textbf{grad}\, p_\alpha - \varrho_{\alpha,mass} \mbox{\bf g}) \right\}
\nonumber \\
\nonumber \\
&& - \sum\limits_\alpha \text{div} \left\{ D_\text{pm}^\kappa \varrho_\alpha \frac{M^\kappa}{M_\alpha}
&& - \sum\limits_\alpha \text{div} \left\{ D_\text{pm}^\kappa \varrho_{\alpha,mol}
\textbf{grad} x^\kappa_{\alpha} \right\}
- q^\kappa = 0 \qquad \forall \kappa , \; \forall \alpha
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