Commit 2e8c4152 authored by Kilian Weishaupt's avatar Kilian Weishaupt Committed by Kilian Weishaupt
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[boundarytypes] Consider couplingDirichlet for hasOnlyDirichlet

* this is needed for a Dirichlet-Dirichlet cc coupling
* the volVars of the other domain need to be deflected properly
* deflection of boundary volVars (within elemVolVars)
  only takes place if hasOnlyDirichlet is true
parent 948f1f4a
...@@ -244,7 +244,8 @@ public: ...@@ -244,7 +244,8 @@ public:
{ {
return std::all_of(boundaryInfo_.begin(), return std::all_of(boundaryInfo_.begin(),
boundaryInfo_.end(), boundaryInfo_.end(),
[](const BoundaryInfo& b){ return b.isDirichlet; } [](const BoundaryInfo& b){ return b.isDirichlet ||
b.isCouplingDirichlet; }
); );
} }
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