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clarified that there is no pdelab tarball

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......@@ -36,11 +36,12 @@ For the installation in the shell, type the following commands:
\item \texttt{mkdir DUMUX}
\item \texttt{cd DUMUX}
\item \texttt{tar xzvf path\_to\_tarball\_of/pde-lab.tar.gz}
\item \texttt{tar xzvf path\_to\_tarball\_of/dune-common-2.0.tar.gz }
\item \texttt{tar xzvf path\_to\_tarball\_of/dumux.tar.gz}
\item \texttt{tar xzvf path\_to\_tarball\_of ...}
\item \texttt{...}
However, the required \Dune-module \verb+pdelab+ can only be obtained via svn (see below).
\paragraph{Obtaining \Dune and \Dumux from the SVN repositories}
The other possibility is to directly access the project archives of \Dune and \Dumux, the so-called software repositories.
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