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[mpfa][fickslaw] give some things new names

parent 7c6e2cf8
......@@ -77,27 +77,27 @@ public:
const auto& tij = fluxVarsCache.diffusionTij(phaseIdx, compIdx);
// get the scaling factor for the effective diffusive fluxes
auto factor = calculateEffectiveDiffusivityFactor(elemVolVars, scvf, phaseIdx);
auto effFactor = calculateEffectiveDiffusivityFactor(elemVolVars, scvf, phaseIdx);
// if factor is zero, the flux will end up zero anyway
if (factor == 0.0)
if (effFactor == 0.0)
return 0.0;
// lambda functions depending on if we use mole or mass fractions
auto xDensity = [useMoles, phaseIdx] (const VolumeVariables& volVars)
{ return useMoles ? volVars.molarDensity(phaseIdx) : volVars.density(phaseIdx); };
auto xFraction = [useMoles, phaseIdx, compIdx] (const VolumeVariables& volVars)
auto getX = [useMoles, phaseIdx, compIdx] (const VolumeVariables& volVars)
{ return useMoles ? volVars.moleFraction(phaseIdx, compIdx) : volVars.massFraction(phaseIdx, compIdx); };
auto getRho = [useMoles, phaseIdx] (const VolumeVariables& volVars)
{ return useMoles ? volVars.molarDensity(phaseIdx) : volVars.density(phaseIdx); };
// calculate Tij*xj
Scalar flux(0.0);
unsigned int localIdx = 0;
for (const auto volVarIdx : volVarsStencil)
flux += tij[localIdx++]*xFraction(elemVolVars[volVarIdx]);
flux += tij[localIdx++]*getX(elemVolVars[volVarIdx]);
// return effective mass flux
return flux*interpolateDensity(elemVolVars, scvf, xDensity)*factor;
return flux*interpolateDensity(elemVolVars, scvf, getRho)*effFactor;
static Stencil stencil(const Problem& problem,
......@@ -115,21 +115,21 @@ public:
template<typename DensityFunction>
template<typename GetRhoFunction>
static Scalar interpolateDensity(const ElementVolumeVariables& elemVolVars,
const SubControlVolumeFace& scvf,
const DensityFunction& rhoFunction)
const GetRhoFunction& getRho)
// use arithmetic mean of the densities around the scvf
if (!scvf.boundary())
Scalar rho = rhoFunction(elemVolVars[scvf.insideScvIdx()]);
Scalar rho = getRho(elemVolVars[scvf.insideScvIdx()]);
for (auto outsideIdx : scvf.outsideScvIndices())
rho += rhoFunction(elemVolVars[outsideIdx]);
rho += getRho(elemVolVars[outsideIdx]);
return rho/(scvf.outsideScvIndices().size()+1);
return rhoFunction(elemVolVars[scvf.outsideScvIdx()]);
return getRho(elemVolVars[scvf.outsideScvIdx()]);
//! Here we want to calculate the factors with which the diffusion coefficient has to be
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