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[box] Implement geometry helper for dim==1

parent c4e37299
......@@ -45,50 +45,78 @@ private:
using Scalar = typename GridView::ctype;
static const int dim = GridView::dimension;
static const int dimWorld = GridView::dimensionworld;
using ScvGeometry = Dune::CachedMultiLinearGeometry<Scalar, dim, dimWorld>;
using ScvfGeometry = Dune::CachedMultiLinearGeometry<Scalar, dim-1, dimWorld>;
using GlobalPosition = typename ScvGeometry::GlobalCoordinate;
using CornerList = std::vector<GlobalPosition>;
using PointVector = std::vector<GlobalPosition>;
using Element = typename GridView::template Codim<0>::Entity;
using Intersection = typename GridView::Intersection;
using ReferenceElements = typename Dune::ReferenceElements<Scalar, dim>;
//! the maximum number of helper points used to construct the geometries
//! Using a statically sized point array is much faster than dynamic allocation
static constexpr int maxPoints = 3;
using ScvGeometryVector = std::vector<ScvGeometry>;
using ScvfGeometryVector = std::vector<ScvfGeometry>;
//! get sub control volume geometries from element
void getScvAndScvfGeometries(const typename Element::Geometry& geometry,
ScvGeometryVector& scvGeometries,
ScvfGeometryVector& scvfGeometries)
BoxGeometryHelper(const typename Element::Geometry& geometry)
: elementGeometry_(geometry), corners_(geometry.corners()),
p({, geometry.corner(0), geometry.corner(1)}) {}
//! Create a vector with the scv corners
PointVector getScvCorners(unsigned int localScvIdx) const
//! Only build the maps the first time we call this function
static const std::uint8_t map[2][2] =
{1, 0},
{0, 2}
// the sub control volumes
scvGeometries.emplace_back(Dune::GeometryType(1), std::vector<GlobalPosition>({geometry.corner(0),}));
scvGeometries.emplace_back(Dune::GeometryType(1), std::vector<GlobalPosition>({, geometry.corner(1)}));
return PointVector( {p[map[localScvIdx][0]],
p[map[localScvIdx][1]]} );
// the sub control volume faces
scvfGeometries.emplace_back(Dune::GeometryType(0), std::vector<GlobalPosition>({}));
//! Create a vector with the corners of sub control volume faces
PointVector getScvfCorners(unsigned int localScvfIdx) const
return PointVector({p[0]});
//! get sub control volume geometries from element of dimension 1
ScvfGeometryVector getBoundaryScvfGeometries(const typename Intersection::Geometry& geometry)
//! Create the sub control volume face geometries on the boundary
PointVector getBoundaryScvfCorners(const typename Intersection::Geometry& geometry,
unsigned int indexInIntersection) const
return {ScvfGeometry(Dune::GeometryType(0), std::vector<GlobalPosition>({}))};
return PointVector({geometry.corner(0)});
//! get scvf normal vector
static GlobalPosition normal(const typename Element::Geometry& geometry,
const ScvfGeometry& scvfGeometry)
GlobalPosition normal(const PointVector& scvfCorners,
const std::vector<unsigned int>& scvIndices) const
GlobalPosition normal = geometry.corner(1) - geometry.corner(0);
auto normal = scvfCorners[0] - p[0];
normal /= normal.two_norm();
return normal;
//! get scv volume
Scalar scvVolume(const PointVector& scvCorners) const
return (scvCorners[1] - scvCorners[0]).two_norm();
//! get scvf area
Scalar scvfArea(const PointVector& scvfCorners) const
return 1.0;
const typename Element::Geometry& elementGeometry_; //! Reference to the element geometry
GlobalPosition p[maxPoints]; // the points needed for construction of the geometries
std::size_t corners_; // number of element corners
//! A class to create sub control volume and sub control volume face geometries per element
......@@ -299,11 +299,13 @@ private:
// construct the sub control volume faces
const auto numInnerScvf = (dim==1) ? 1 : element.subEntities(1);
unsigned int scvfLocalIdx = 0;
for (; scvfLocalIdx < element.subEntities(1); ++scvfLocalIdx)
for (; scvfLocalIdx < numInnerScvf; ++scvfLocalIdx)
// find the local scv indices this scvf is connsected to
// find the local scv indices this scvf is connected to
std::vector<IndexType> localScvIndices({static_cast<IndexType>(referenceElement.subEntity(scvfLocalIdx, dim-1, 0, dim)),
static_cast<IndexType>(referenceElement.subEntity(scvfLocalIdx, dim-1, 1, dim))});
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