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......@@ -278,13 +278,10 @@ private:
static constexpr int phaseIdx(int brinePhaseIdx) { return wPhaseIdx; }
static constexpr int compIdx(int brineCompIdx)
assert( brineCompIdx == Brine::H2OIdx || brineCompIdx == Brine::NaIdx
|| brineCompIdx == Brine::ClIdx || brineCompIdx == Brine::CaIdx);
switch (brineCompIdx)
assert(brineCompIdx == Brine::H2OIdx
|| brineCompIdx == Brine::NaIdx
|| brineCompIdx == Brine::ClIdx
|| brineCompIdx == Brine::CaIdx
case Brine::H2OIdx: return H2OIdx;
case Brine::NaIdx: return NaIdx;
case Brine::ClIdx: return ClIdx;
......@@ -110,9 +110,9 @@ int main(int argc, char** argv) try
using VtkWriter = PoreNetwork::VtkOutputModule<GridVariables, GetPropType<TypeTag, Properties::FluxVariables>, SolutionVector>;
VtkWriter vtkWriter(*gridVariables, x, problem->name());
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->poreVolume(), "poreVolume", VtkWriter::FieldType::vertex);
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->throatShapeFactor(), "throatShapeFactor", VtkWriter::FieldType::element);
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->throatCrossSectionalArea(), "throatCrossSectionalArea", VtkWriter::FieldType::element);
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->poreVolume(), "poreVolume", Vtk::FieldType::vertex);
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->throatShapeFactor(), "throatShapeFactor", Vtk::FieldType::element);
vtkWriter.addField(gridGeometry->throatCrossSectionalArea(), "throatCrossSectionalArea", Vtk::FieldType::element);
### Instantiate the solver
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