Commit 45a2ce36 authored by Katharina Heck's avatar Katharina Heck
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Merge branch 'cleanup/mpnc-remove-unused-variable' into 'master'

remove unused local variable in MPNC nonequilibrium volume variables

See merge request !2817
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......@@ -640,15 +640,7 @@ public:
typename FluidSystem::ParameterCache paramCache;
ComponentVector fug;
// retrieve component fugacities
for (int compIdx = 0; compIdx < numFluidComps; ++compIdx)
fug[compIdx] = priVars[Indices::fug0Idx + compIdx];
updateMoleFraction(fluidState, paramCache, priVars);
// dynamic viscosities
for (int phaseIdx = 0; phaseIdx < numFluidPhases(); ++phaseIdx) {
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