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[2p][sequentical][mpfa] Remove forward declared LinearMaterialDefault and...

[2p][sequentical][mpfa] Remove forward declared LinearMaterialDefault and correct the pcSwCurveIsLinear
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......@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
#include <dumux/common/properties.hh>
#include <dumux/material/spatialparams/sequentialfv.hh>
#include <dumux/material/fluidmatrixinteractions/2p/brookscorey.hh>
#include <dumux/material/fluidmatrixinteractions/2p/linearmaterial.hh>
namespace Dumux
......@@ -46,11 +48,6 @@ struct SpatialParams<TypeTag, TTag::Test2PSpatialParams> { using type = Test2PSp
// forward declaration
template<class Scalar>
class LinearMaterialDefault;
class LinearMaterial;
* \ingroup SequentialTwoPTests
* \brief Test problem for the sequential 2p models
......@@ -73,14 +70,13 @@ class Test2PSpatialParams: public SequentialFVSpatialParams<TypeTag>
using GlobalPosition = typename Element::Geometry::GlobalCoordinate;
using FieldMatrix = Dune::FieldMatrix<Scalar, dim, dim>;
using PcKrSwCurve = FluidMatrix::BrooksCoreyDefault<Scalar>;
static constexpr bool pcSwCurveIsLinear()
return std::is_same_v<PcKrSwCurve, LinearMaterial> || std::is_same_v<PcKrSwCurve, LinearMaterialDefault>;
return std::is_same_v<PcKrSwCurve, FluidMatrix::LinearMaterialDefault<Scalar>>;
const FieldMatrix& intrinsicPermeabilityAtPos(const GlobalPosition& globalPos) const
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