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clarified location of checkout-dumux in handbook

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......@@ -933,6 +933,11 @@
key = {DUMUX}
title = {{DuMuX} download folder: \url{}},
title = {{DUNE} Build System Howto: \url{}},
key = {DUNE-BS}
......@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ instructions in Section \ref{install}.
\subsection{Obtaining the code with the script \texttt{checkout-dumux}}
The shell-script \texttt{checkout-dumux} facilitates setting up a {\Dune}/{\Dumux} directory tree (currently for the trunk version).
It is contained in the download section of the \Dumux web page \cite{DUMUX-HP}.
The shell-script \texttt{checkout-dumux} facilitates setting up a {\Dune}/{\Dumux} directory tree.
It is available at \cite{DUMUX-DOWNLOAD}.
For example the second line below will check out the required \Dune modules and \texttt{dumux},
\texttt{dumux-devel} and the \texttt{external} folder, which contains some useful external software and libraries.
Again, \texttt{joeuser} needs to be replaced by the actual user name.
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