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[params][newton] Remove global parameter defaults

Add note in changelog
parent 4732c919
......@@ -15,7 +15,9 @@ Differences Between DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.4 and DuMu<sup>x</sup> 3.3
### Immediate interface changes not allowing/requiring a deprecation period:
- __MPNC__: The `MPAdapter` can now also be called with a temporary `pcKrSw` objects. For this, the compiler needs to deduce the
class's template argument types. You may need to adapt your `spatialParams` from
- __Newton__: The global parameter defaults have been substituted for local parameter defaults (in nonlinear/newtonsolver.hh). If
you have been relying on global defaults (reading parameters without supplying a value in the input file nor a default)
you will get a runtime ParameterException. To solve this simply provide a default or set the value in the input file.
using MPAdapter = Dumux::FluidMatrix::MPAdapter<PcKrSwCurve, 2>;
......@@ -306,22 +306,6 @@ private:
defaultParams["Problem.EnableGravity"] = "true";
defaultParams["Problem.EnableInertiaTerms"] = "true";
// parameters in the Newton group
// MinSteps = 2 makes Newton more robust if converge criterion is not perfect
defaultParams["Newton.MinSteps"] = "2";
defaultParams["Newton.MaxSteps"] = "18";
defaultParams["Newton.TargetSteps"] = "10";
defaultParams["Newton.UseLineSearch"] = "false";
defaultParams["Newton.EnableChop"] = "false";
defaultParams["Newton.EnableShiftCriterion"] = "true";
defaultParams["Newton.MaxRelativeShift"] = "1e-8";
defaultParams["Newton.EnableResidualCriterion"] = "false";
defaultParams["Newton.ResidualReduction"] = "1e-5";
defaultParams["Newton.EnableAbsoluteResidualCriterion"] = "false";
defaultParams["Newton.MaxAbsoluteResidual"] = "1e-5";
defaultParams["Newton.SatisfyResidualAndShiftCriterion"] = "false";
defaultParams["Newton.EnablePartialReassembly"] = "false";
// parameters in the time loop group
defaultParams["TimeLoop.MaxTimeStepSize"] = "1e300";
defaultParams["TimeLoop.MaxTimeStepDivisions"] = "10";
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