Commit 55e2ac09 authored by Simon Emmert's avatar Simon Emmert
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Merge branch 'fix/h2oheavyoil-fluidsystem' into 'master'

[material][fluidsystems] specialize getMainComponent for H2OHeavyOil

Closes dumux-lecture#10

See merge request !1712
parents 85152e23 4cadea65
......@@ -109,6 +109,22 @@ public:
* \brief Get the main component of a given phase
* \param phaseIdx The index of the fluid phase to consider
static constexpr int getMainComponent(int phaseIdx)
// For the gas phase, choosing a main component appears to be
// rather arbitrary. Motivated by the fact that the thermal conductivity
// of the gas phase is set to the thermal conductivity of pure water,
// water is chosen for now.
if (phaseIdx == nPhaseIdx)
return nCompIdx;
return wCompIdx;
* \brief Returns whether the fluids are miscible
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