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* \brief Fick's law specilized for different discretization schemes.
* This file contains the data which is required to calculate
* diffusive mass fluxes due to molecular diffusion with Fick's law.
* Fick's law describes the molecular diffusion in multi-component systems. Diffusion fluxes are the net fluxes of components caused by the Brownian molecular motion and driven by concentration gradients \f$\textbf{grad}\, X\f$.
* \f[
* j_d = - \varrho_\alpha D_\alpha^\kappa \textbf{grad}\, X_\alpha^\kappa
* \f]
* Here Dακ is the molecular diffusion coefficient of component κ in phase α. In a porous medium, the
actual path lines are tortuous due to the impact of the solid matrix. This tortuosity and the impact of
the presence of multiple fluid phases is accounted for by using an effective diffusion coefficient Dpm,α
= ϕτα Sα Dακ ,
where τα is the tortuosity of phase α.
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