Commit 61939f37 authored by Yue Wang's avatar Yue Wang
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[getparam] update script for known_parameter_warnings

parent fbfa9bc2
......@@ -202,9 +202,9 @@ def getParameterListFromFile(fileName):
if errors:
# remove the known warnings
for lineIdx in list(errors.keys()):
searchKey = os.path.basename(fileName) + "." + str(lineIdx)
searchKey = os.path.relpath(fileName, cmdArgs["root"])
if searchKey in warningDict:
if errors[lineIdx]["line"] == warningDict[searchKey]["text"]:
if errors[lineIdx]["line"] in warningDict[searchKey]:
if len(errors) > 0:
......@@ -310,12 +310,12 @@ for key in parameterDict:
hasDVInput = "defaultValue" in inputDict[paramName]
hasPTInput = "type" in inputDict[paramName]
parameterTypeName = entry["paramType"][0]
parameterTypeName = [entry["paramType"][0]]
hasMultiplePT = not all(pt == parameterTypeName for pt in entry["paramType"])
defaultValue = next((e for e in entry["defaultValue"] if e), "-")
defaultValue = [next((e for e in entry["defaultValue"] if e), "-")]
entry["defaultValue"] = [value if value is not None else "-" for value in entry["defaultValue"]]
hasMultipleDV = not all(dv == defaultValue for dv in entry["defaultValue"])
hasMultipleDV = not all(dv == defaultValue[0] for dv in entry["defaultValue"])
if hasMultiplePT or hasMultipleDV:
f"\nFound multiple occurrences of parameter {paramName}"
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