Commit 6619a689 authored by Melanie Lipp's avatar Melanie Lipp Committed by Kilian Weishaupt
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[Navier-Stokes] Revise definition of transporting velocity on boundary for momentum upwinding.

parent c16da32e
......@@ -486,7 +486,31 @@ private:
// Get the transporting velocity, located at the scvf perpendicular to the current scvf where the dof
// of interest is located.
const Scalar transportingVelocity = faceVars.velocityLateralInside(localSubFaceIdx);
const Scalar transportingVelocity = [&]()
if (!scvf.boundary())
return faceVars.velocityLateralInside(localSubFaceIdx);
// Create a boundaryTypes object. Get the boundary conditions. We sample the type of BC at the center of the current scvf.
const BoundaryTypes bcTypes = problem.boundaryTypes(element, scvf);
if (bcTypes.isDirichlet(Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())))
// Construct a temporary scvf which corresponds to the staggered sub face, featuring the location
// the staggered faces's center.
const auto& lateralBoundaryFacePos = lateralStaggeredFaceCenter_(scvf, localSubFaceIdx);
return problem.dirichlet(element, scvf.makeBoundaryFace(lateralBoundaryFacePos))[Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())];
else if (bcTypes.isBJS(Indices::velocity(lateralFace.directionIndex())))
return VelocityGradients::beaversJosephVelocityAtCurrentScvf(problem, element, fvGeometry, scvf, faceVars,
currentScvfBoundaryTypes, lateralFaceBoundaryTypes, localSubFaceIdx);
return faceVars.velocityLateralInside(localSubFaceIdx);
return StaggeredUpwindFluxVariables<TypeTag, upwindSchemeOrder>::computeUpwindedLateralMomentum(problem, fvGeometry, element, scvf, elemVolVars, faceVars,
gridFluxVarsCache, localSubFaceIdx, currentScvfBoundaryTypes, lateralFaceBoundaryTypes)
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