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[multidomain][stokesdarcy] add harmonic mean for diffusion matrix maxwell...

[multidomain][stokesdarcy] add harmonic mean for diffusion matrix maxwell stefan for stokesdarcy couplingdata
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......@@ -915,8 +915,7 @@ protected:
const Scalar insideDistance = this->getDistance_(scvI, scvfI);
const Scalar outsideDistance = this->getDistance_(scvJ, scvfI);
ReducedComponentVector moleFracInside(0.0);
ReducedComponentVector moleFracOutside(0.0);
ReducedComponentVector moleFractionDifference(0.0);
ReducedComponentVector reducedFlux(0.0);
ReducedComponentMatrix reducedDiffusionMatrixInside(0.0);
ReducedComponentMatrix reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside(0.0);
......@@ -933,13 +932,10 @@ protected:
const Scalar xInside = volVarsI.moleFraction(couplingPhaseIdx(domainI), domainICompIdx);
//calculate outside molefraction with the respective transmissibility
const Scalar xOutside = volVarsJ.moleFraction(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ), domainJCompIdx);
moleFracInside[domainICompIdx] = xInside;
moleFracOutside[domainICompIdx] = xOutside;
moleFractionDifference[compIdx] = xInside - xOutside;
//now we have to do the tpfa: J_i = -J_j which leads to: J_i = -rho_i Bi^-1 omegai(x*-xi) with x* = (omegai rho_i Bi^-1 + omegaj rho_j Bj^-1)^-1 (xi omegai rho_i Bi^-1 + xj omegaj rho_j Bj^-1) with i inside and j outside.
//first set up the matrices containing the binary diffusion coefficients and mole fractions
//first set up the matrices containing the binary diffusion coefficients, mole fractions and molar mass of the components K-N.
//inside matrix. KIdx and LIdx are the indices for the k and l-th component, N for the n-th component
for (int compKIdx = 0; compKIdx < numComponents-1; compKIdx++)
......@@ -1005,30 +1001,25 @@ protected:
const Scalar omegaj = 1/outsideDistance;
reducedDiffusionMatrixInside *= omegai*volVarsI.density(couplingPhaseIdx(domainI));
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside *= omegaj*volVarsJ.density(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ));
//in the helpervector we store the values for x*
ReducedComponentVector helperVector(0.0);
ReducedComponentVector gradientVectori(0.0);
ReducedComponentVector gradientVectorj(0.0);, gradientVectori);, gradientVectorj);
reducedDiffusionMatrixInside *= omegai;
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside *= omegaj;
auto gradientVectorij = (gradientVectori + gradientVectorj);
//harmonic mean: Bi^-1 omegai * Bj^-1 omegaj/(Bi^-1 omegai + Bj^-1 omegaj)
auto sumDiffusionMatrices = reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside + reducedDiffusionMatrixInside;
//add the two matrixes to each other
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside += reducedDiffusionMatrixInside;
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside.solve(helperVector, gradientVectorij);
auto reducedDiffusionMatrixHarmonicMean =
//Bi^-1 omegai rho_i (x*-xi). As we previously multiplied rho_i and omega_i wit the insidematrix, this does not need to be done again
helperVector -=moleFracInside;, reducedFlux);, reducedFlux);
reducedFlux *= -1;
const Scalar rhoInside = volVarsI.density(couplingPhaseIdx(domainI));
const Scalar rhoOutside = volVarsJ.density(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ));
const Scalar rho = 0.5*(rhoInside + rhoOutside);
reducedFlux *= rho;
for (int compIdx = 0; compIdx < numComponents-1; compIdx++)
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