Commit 6fe802b8 authored by hanchuan's avatar hanchuan Committed by Timo Koch
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[2p][sequential] Add test case for McWhorter with model MPFA-O

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......@@ -100,6 +100,17 @@ dumux_add_test(NAME test_mpfal2p_bcleverett
-Problem.EnableGravity false
-Grid.File grids/test_mpfa2p.dgf -ModelType MPFAL")
dumux_add_test(NAME test_mpfao2p_mcwhorter
LABELS porousmediumflow 2p sequential
CMD_ARGS --command "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/test_mpfao2p_mcwhorter
-ParameterFile test_mpfa2p.input
-Problem.Name test_mpfao2p_mcwhorter
-Problem.EnableGravity false
-Grid.File grids/test_mpfa2p.dgf -ModelType MPFAO")
# 3d tests
dumux_add_test(NAME test_3d2pfv
LABELS porousmediumflow 2p sequential
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