Commit 70377028 authored by Melanie Lipp's avatar Melanie Lipp Committed by Timo Koch
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[example][freeflowchannel] Move eps_ from constructor to static constexpr.

parent 63c1f19e
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ class ChannelExampleProblem : public NavierStokesProblem<TypeTag>
// This is the constructor of our problem class:
ChannelExampleProblem(std::shared_ptr<const GridGeometry> gridGeometry)
: ParentType(gridGeometry), eps_(1e-6)
: ParentType(gridGeometry)
// We set the inlet velocity to a run-time specified value.
inletVelocity_ = getParam<Scalar>("Problem.InletVelocity");
......@@ -204,7 +204,7 @@ private:
return globalPos[0] > this->gridGeometry().bBoxMax()[0] - eps_;
Scalar eps_;
static constexpr Scalar eps_=1e-6;
Scalar inletVelocity_;
Scalar outletPressure_;
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