Commit 841aa088 authored by Kilian Weishaupt's avatar Kilian Weishaupt
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[staggered][geometryhelper] Improve calculation of lateral distances

* consider sum of distances within inside and outside element
parent a43a81c4
......@@ -546,12 +546,18 @@ private:
pairData_[numPairsIdx].hasOuterLateral = true;
pairData_[numPairsIdx].lateralPair.second = gridView_.indexSet().subIndex(element, isIdx, codimIntersection);
// store the element distance
const auto& outerLateralFacet = getFacet_(isIdx, element);
const auto outerLateralFacetPos = outerLateralFacet.geometry().center();
const auto& innerLateralFacet = getFacet_(isIdx, element_);
const auto innerLateralFacetPos = innerLateralFacet.geometry().center();
pairData_[numPairsIdx].lateralDistance = (innerLateralFacetPos - outerLateralFacetPos).two_norm();
// set basic global positions
const auto& selfFacetCenter = intersection_.geometry().center();
const auto& selfElementCenter = element_.geometry().center();
const auto& neighborElement = intersection_.outside();
const auto& neighborElementCenter = neighborElement.geometry().center();
const auto& neighborFacetCenter = getFacet_(intersection_.indexInOutside(), neighborElement).geometry().center();
const Scalar insideLateralDistance = (selfFacetCenter - selfElementCenter).two_norm();
const Scalar outsideLateralDistance = (neighborFacetCenter - neighborElementCenter).two_norm();
pairData_[numPairsIdx].lateralDistance = insideLateralDistance + outsideLateralDistance;
//! Sets the information about the parallel distances
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