Commit 8557fb13 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[2p][bugfix] Fix analytic storage derivatives

(cherry picked from commit af101b08)
parent f24c004a
......@@ -103,17 +103,12 @@ public:
static_assert(ModelTraits::priVarFormulation() == TwoPFormulation::p0s1,
"2p/incompressiblelocalresidual.hh: Analytic differentiation has to be checked for p1-s0 formulation!");
// we know that these values are constant throughout the simulation
const auto poreVolume = scv.volume()*curVolVars.porosity();
static const std::array<Scalar, numPhases> rhos = { curVolVars.density(0), curVolVars.density(1) };
const auto dt = this->timeLoop().timeStepSize();
for (int pIdx = 0; pIdx < ModelTraits::numFluidPhases(); ++pIdx)
// partial derivative of wetting phase storage term w.r.t. p_w
partialDerivatives[conti0EqIdx+pIdx][pressureIdx] += 0.0;
// partial derivative of wetting phase storage term w.r.t. S_n
partialDerivatives[conti0EqIdx+pIdx][saturationIdx] -= poreVolume*rhos[pIdx]/this->timeLoop().timeStepSize();
// partial derivative of the phase storage terms w.r.t. S_n
partialDerivatives[conti0EqIdx+0][saturationIdx] -= poreVolume*curVolVars.density(0)/dt;
partialDerivatives[conti0EqIdx+1][saturationIdx] += poreVolume*curVolVars.density(1)/dt;
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