Commit 8f4d1922 authored by Felix Weinhardt's avatar Felix Weinhardt Committed by Martin Schneider
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[temporal discretization]

changed non linear system to system of equations
parent 2887b292
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ whereas the implicit Euler method is described as
Once the solution $u_k$ at time $t_k$ is known, it is straightforward
to determine $m(u_{k+1})$ from \eqref{eq:expliciteuler},
while attempting to do the same based on \eqref{eq:impliciteuler}
involves the solution of a nonlinear system.
involves the solution of system of equations.
On the other hand, the explicit method \eqref{eq:expliciteuler} is stable only
if the time step size $\Delta t_{k+1}$ is below a certain limit that depends
on the specific balance equation, whereas the implicit method \eqref{eq:impliciteuler}
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