Commit 8f78875b authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[2p][bugfix] Fix equation index for analytic box Jacobian

parent 1674a58c
......@@ -373,7 +373,7 @@ public:
const auto dKrn_dSn_inside = MaterialLaw::dkrn_dsw(insideMaterialParams, insideSw);
const auto dFluxN_dSnJ_krn = rho_mu_flux_n*dKrn_dSn_inside*insideWeight_n;
dI_dJ_inside[globalJ][conti0EqIdx+1][saturationIdx] -= dFluxN_dSnJ_krn;
dI_dJ_outside[globalJ][conti0EqIdx+0][saturationIdx] += dFluxN_dSnJ_krn;
dI_dJ_outside[globalJ][conti0EqIdx+1][saturationIdx] += dFluxN_dSnJ_krn;
// partial derivative of the non-wetting phase flux w.r.t. S_n (p_c contribution)
const auto dFluxN_dSnJ_pc = tj_up_n*MaterialLaw::dpc_dsw(insideMaterialParams, insideSw);
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