Commit 9af849b7 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[deprecated] Add deprecation helpers for mapper.update()

Only throw deprecation warning with dune-grid >= 2.8 when the
new interface was introduced in dune which provides the most
commonly used mapper class MCMGMapper.
parent 05aefbc6
......@@ -25,6 +25,9 @@
#include <dune/common/version.hh>
#include <dune/common/std/type_traits.hh>
namespace Dumux {
#ifndef DOXYGEN // hide from doxygen
......@@ -36,7 +39,20 @@ namespace Dumux {
// so most likely you don't want to use this in your code
namespace Deprecated {
// add helpers here
template <class Mapper, class GridView>
using GridViewDetector = decltype(std::declval<Mapper>().update(std::declval<GridView>()));
template<class Mapper, class GridView>
static constexpr bool hasUpdateGridView()
{ return Dune::Std::is_detected<GridViewDetector, Mapper, GridView>::value; }
// helper class to print deprecated message
template <class Mapper>
[[deprecated("The interface mapper.update() is deprecated. All mappers now have to implement `update(gridView)` instead (with a gridView as argument). Only mappers with the new interface will be support for dune-grid 2.7 is dropped.")]]
void update(Mapper& mapper)
{ mapper.update(); };
} // end namespace Deprecated
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