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......@@ -8,8 +8,9 @@ processes in porous media. DuMuX is based on the [DUNE][1]
framework and aims to provide a multitude of numerical models as well
as flexible discretization methods for complex non-linear phenomena,
such as CO2 sequestration, soil remediation, drug delivery in cancer
therapy and more. See [our publication][2] for a more detailed
description of the goals and motivations behind DuMuX.
therapy and more. Have a look at our publications
(see below: [How to cite](#how-to-cite))
for a more detailed description of the goals and motivations behind DuMuX.
......@@ -49,6 +50,35 @@ license.
See the file []( for full copying permissions.
How to cite
DuMux is research software and developed at research institutions.
If you are using DuMux in scientific publications and in
the academic context, please cite (at least one)
of our publications:
* [Koch, T., Gläser, D., Weishaupt, K., Ackermann, S., Beck, M., Becker, B.,
Burbulla, S., Class, H., Coltman, E., Emmert, S., Fetzer, T., Grüninger, C.,
Heck, K., Hommel, J., Kurz, T., Lipp, M., Mohammadi, F., Scherrer, S.,
Schneider, M., Seitz, G., Stadler, L., Utz, M., Weinhardt, F.
& Flemisch, B. (_2020_). __DuMux 3 – an open-source simulator for solving flow
and transport problems in porous media with a focus on model coupling.__
_Computers & Mathematics with Applications_,][7]
* [Flemisch, B., Darcis, M., Erbertseder, K., Faigle, B., Lauser, A.,
Mosthaf, K., Müthing, S., Nuske, P., Tatomir, A., Wolff, M.,
& Helmig, R. (_2011_). __DuMux: DUNE for multi-{phase,component,scale,physics,…}
flow and transport in porous media__.
_Advances in Water Resources_, 34(9), 1102–1112.][2]
You can also cite specific releases published on Zenodo:
[![zenodo badge](](
Automated Testing
[![buildbot badge](](
......@@ -108,3 +138,4 @@ on how to update an application to the new version.
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