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[changelog] Add entry on AMGBackend

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......@@ -15,10 +15,13 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 3.2 and DuMuX 3.1
- Remove `Grid.HeapSize` as dune-ugrid removed the according feature as well.
- __Van Genuchten__: Corrected VanGenuchten-Mualem exponent in the non-wetting saturation formula (`1/3` instead of `1/2` (or `l`, see above))
- __Van Genuchten__: Corrected VanGenuchten-Mualem implementation of `dkrn/dSw`
- __AMGBackend__: The internal structure of the AMGBackend and the ParallelISTLHelper has been overhauled, as only used by the AMG, we did not make the changes backwards-compatible
### Deprecated properties, to be removed after 3.2:
### Deprecated classes/files, to be removed after 3.2:
- __AMGBackend__: The class AMGBackend is deprecated and has been replaced by AMGBiCGSTABBackend which gets some different template arguments
- __AMGTraits__: AMGTraits are deprecated, are to be replaced by LinearSolverTraits and restructured internally. As they were only used by the AMGBackend, we did not make the internal changes backwards-compatible
### Deprecated member functions, to be removed after 3.2:
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