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......@@ -1223,14 +1223,14 @@ private:
assert(this->checkSizesOfSubMatrices(A) && "Sub-blocks of MultiTypeBlockMatrix have wrong sizes!");
// create the bcrs matrix the IterativeSolver backend can handle
auto M = MatrixConverter<JacobianMatrix>::multiTypeToBCRSMatrix(A);
const auto M = MatrixConverter<JacobianMatrix>::multiTypeToBCRSMatrix(A);
// get the new matrix sizes
const std::size_t numRows = M.N();
assert(numRows == M.M());
// create the vector the IterativeSolver backend can handle
auto bTmp = VectorConverter<SolutionVector>::multiTypeToBlockVector(b);
const auto bTmp = VectorConverter<SolutionVector>::multiTypeToBlockVector(b);
assert(bTmp.size() == numRows);
// create a blockvector to which the linear solver writes the solution
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