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Option to update all element volume variables when deflecting solution

parent 86eb7eee
......@@ -308,19 +308,41 @@ public:
// //
// if all volvars in the stencil have to be updated or if it's enough to only update the
// volVars for the scv whose associated dof has been deflected
static const bool localUpdate = getParamFromGroup<bool>(this->problem().paramGroup(), "Assembly.BoxVolVarsDependOnOneDofOnly", true);
// create the element solution
auto elemSol = elementSolution(element, curSol, fvGeometry.gridGeometry());
// create the vector storing the partial derivatives
ElementResidualVector partialDerivs(element.subEntities(dim));
// Original and current volvars (used in depends-on-one-dof case)
VolumeVariables origVolVars;
VolumeVariables *curVolVars = nullptr;
// Container storing the original volvars (used in depends-on-all-dof case)
std::vector<VolumeVariables> allOrigVolVars;
if (!localUpdate)
for (const auto& scv : scvs(fvGeometry))
allOrigVolVars.push_back(this->getVolVarAccess(gridVariables.curGridVolVars(), curElemVolVars, scv));
// calculation of the derivatives
for (auto&& scv : scvs(fvGeometry))
// dof index and corresponding actual pri vars
const auto dofIdx = scv.dofIndex();
auto& curVolVars = this->getVolVarAccess(gridVariables.curGridVolVars(), curElemVolVars, scv);
const VolumeVariables origVolVars(curVolVars);
if (localUpdate)
curVolVars = &this->getVolVarAccess(gridVariables.curGridVolVars(), curElemVolVars, scv);
origVolVars = *curVolVars;
// calculate derivatives w.r.t to the privars at the dof at hand
for (int pvIdx = 0; pvIdx < numEq; pvIdx++)
......@@ -331,7 +353,14 @@ public:
// update the volume variables and compute element residual
elemSol[scv.localDofIndex()][pvIdx] = priVar;
curVolVars.update(elemSol, this->problem(), element, scv);
if (localUpdate)
curVolVars->update(elemSol, this->problem(), element, scv);
for (const auto& scvJ : scvs(fvGeometry))
this->getVolVarAccess(gridVariables.curGridVolVars(), curElemVolVars, scvJ).update(elemSol, this->problem(), element, scvJ);
return this->evalLocalResidual();
......@@ -360,11 +389,18 @@ public:
// restore the original state of the scv's volume variables
curVolVars = origVolVars;
if (localUpdate)
*curVolVars = origVolVars;
// or restore the original state of all deflected volume variables
int localScvIfxJ = 0;
for (const auto& scvJ : scvs(fvGeometry))
this->getVolVarAccess(gridVariables.curGridVolVars(), curElemVolVars, scvJ) = allOrigVolVars[localScvIfxJ++];
// restore the original element solution
elemSol[scv.localDofIndex()][pvIdx] = curSol[scv.dofIndex()][pvIdx];
// TODO additional dof dependencies
return origResiduals;
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