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Make doxygen happy in dimensionlessnumbers

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......@@ -113,8 +113,10 @@ static Scalar prandtlNumber(const Scalar dynamicViscosity,
* source for Nusselt number definition:
* source for further empirical correlations for Nusselt Numbers: VDI-Gesellschaft, VDI-Waermeatlas, VDI-Verlag Duesseldorf, 2006
* \param reynoldsNumber Dimensionless number relating inertial and viscous forces [-].
* \param prandtlNumber Dimensionless number relating viscosity and thermal diffusivity (temperaturleitfaehigkeit) [-].
* \param ReynoldsNumber Dimensionless number relating inertial and viscous forces [-].
* \param porosity The fraction of the porous medium which is void space.
* \return The Nusselt number as calculated from the input parameters [-].
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