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[handbook] Add passage about TTag inheritance order

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......@@ -35,7 +35,10 @@ struct NewTypeTagName { using InheritsFrom = std::tuple<BaseTagName1, BaseTagNam
where the \texttt{InheritsFrom} alias is optional. To avoid
inconsistencies in the hierarchy, each type tag may be defined only
once for a program.
once for a program. If you call \texttt{GetProp} the property system will first look for the properties defined in \texttt{BaseTagName1} in the \texttt{InheritsFrom} list.
If a defined property is found this property is returned. If no defined property is found the search will continue in the ancestors of \texttt{BaseTagName1}.
If again no defined property is found the search will continue in the second \texttt{BaseTagName2} in the list, and so on.
If no defined property is found at all, a compiler error is triggered.
......@@ -352,7 +355,7 @@ struct Payload<TypeTag, TTag::Pickup> { static constexpr int value = 5; };
template<class TypeTag>
struct TopSpeed<TypeTag, TTag::HummerH1>
{static constexpr int value = getPropValue<TypeTag, TTag::Pickup::TopSpeed<TypeTag>>();};
{ static constexpr int value = getPropValue<TypeTag, TTag::Pickup::TopSpeed<TypeTag>>(); };
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