Commit b7eab270 authored by Katharina Heck's avatar Katharina Heck
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[fix][multidomain][stokesdarcy] change molar mass of outside components to...

[fix][multidomain][stokesdarcy] change molar mass of outside components to FluidSystem<j> so that it works if one subsystem uses the oneP adapter and the other does not
parent c40c6e69
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ protected:
const Scalar xi = volVarsJ.moleFraction(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ), domainJCompIIdx);
const Scalar avgMolarMass = volVarsJ.averageMolarMass(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ));
const Scalar Mn = FluidSystem<i>::molarMass(numComponents-1);
const Scalar Mn = FluidSystem<j>::molarMass(numComponents-1);
const Scalar tin = diffusionCoefficientMS_(volVarsJ, couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ), domainJCompIIdx, couplingCompIdx(domainJ, numComponents-1));
// set the entries of the diffusion matrix of the diagonal
......@@ -1066,8 +1066,8 @@ protected:
const Scalar xj = volVarsJ.moleFraction(couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ), domainJCompJIdx);
const Scalar Mi = FluidSystem<i>::molarMass(domainJCompIIdx);
const Scalar Mj = FluidSystem<i>::molarMass(domainJCompJIdx);
const Scalar Mi = FluidSystem<j>::molarMass(domainJCompIIdx);
const Scalar Mj = FluidSystem<j>::molarMass(domainJCompJIdx);
const Scalar tij = diffusionCoefficientMS_(volVarsJ, couplingPhaseIdx(domainJ), domainJCompIIdx, domainJCompJIdx);
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside[domainICompIIdx][domainICompIIdx] += xj*avgMolarMass/(tij*Mi);
reducedDiffusionMatrixOutside[domainICompIIdx][domainICompJIdx] += xi*(avgMolarMass/(tin*Mn) - avgMolarMass/(tij*Mj));
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