Commit bb0a9d29 authored by Timo Koch's avatar Timo Koch
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[params][solver] Remove old style parameters in IstlSolverFactoryBackend

We do not need to support the old style parameters as this class was
just recently added on master.
parent 732d3e89
......@@ -284,16 +284,9 @@ IstlSolverFactoryBackend<LinearSolverTraits>::dumuxToIstlSolverParams =
{"MaxOrthogonalizationVectors", "mmax"},
// preconditioner params
// we expect parameters in the subgroup "Preconditioner"
// there are some legacy param names that are still supported
// subgroup parameters overwrite legacy parameters
{"PreconditionerVerbosity", "preconditioner.verbosity"},
{"Preconditioner.Verbosity", "preconditioner.verbosity"},
{"PreconditionerType", "preconditioner.type"},
{"Preconditioner.Type", "preconditioner.type"},
{"PreconditionerIterations", "preconditioner.iterations"},
{"Preconditioner.Iterations", "preconditioner.iterations"},
{"PreconditionerRelaxation", "preconditioner.relaxation"},
{"Preconditioner.Relaxation", "preconditioner.relaxation"},
{"Preconditioner.ILUOrder", "preconditioner.n"},
{"Preconditioner.ILUResort", "preconditioner.resort"},
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