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[changelog] Mention changes about staggered matrix

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......@@ -17,6 +17,47 @@ Differences Between DuMuX 3.2 and DuMuX 3.1
- __Van Genuchten__: Corrected VanGenuchten-Mualem implementation of `dkrn/dSw`
- __AMGBackend__: The internal structure of the AMGBackend and the ParallelISTLHelper has been overhauled, as only used by the AMG, we did not make the changes backwards-compatible
- __Change matrix block arrangement for staggered models__: The matrix block structure has been adapted such that it complies with the literature standard, i.e., having the velocity block (C) on `M[0][0]`
rather than on `M[1][1]`. This also requires re-arranging the submodels and properties in dumux-multidomain such that the face-related classes and vector entries now appear before the cell-centered ones.
M = \begin{pmatrix}
A & B^T\\
B & C
\qquad => \qquad
M = \begin{pmatrix}
C & B^T\\
B & A
Backwards-compatibility can only be provided to a certain extent. The following changes need to made in the main file:
1.) change the order of the arguments for the `assembler` such that it reads:
auto assembler = std::make_shared<Assembler>(std::make_tuple(ffProblem, ffProblem, otherProblem, ...),
otherFvGridGeometry, ...),
otherGridVariables, ...),
timeLoop, solOld);
// Not changing the arguments will yield a deprecation warning stating this hint but the code still compiles and runs.
2.) change the order of arguments in the `partial` function:
ffSol = partial(sol, ffFaceIdx, ffCellCenterIdx);
// Not changing the argument will rise a compiler error which makes the MR not fully backwards-compatible.
### Deprecated properties, to be removed after 3.2:
### Deprecated classes/files, to be removed after 3.2:
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