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add draft changelog for release 2.1

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Changes Since Dumux 2.0
- The dependencies for the external dune-pdelab and boost packages
have been removed.
- Improvements to the build system:
- Better test coverage of the dependencies of libraries for the
default autotools-based build system.
- Experimental support for building Dumux using CMake. In the long
run, CMake is projected to become the default build system
- All headers can now be included without any preconditions (i.e. 'make
headercheck' works)
- Dumux now compiles without warnings if GCC is given the -pedantic flag
- Specifying run-time parameters is now possible. The mechanism allows
to use parameter files or to specify parameters directly on the
command line.
- Fine-tuning of the Dumux property system
- PTAG() no longer required for the GET_PROP* macros (but can still be used)
- Setting property defaults has been deprecated.
- All properties set for a type tag can now be printed with their
value and the location where they where specified.
- Overhaul of the fluid framework
- The programming interface for fluid systems, fluid states and
components has been formalized and cleaned up.
- Fluid system now have the option to cache computationally
expensive parameters if they are needed for several relations.
- Fluid systems are not concerned with the calculation of the
chemical equilibrium anymore.
- Fluid states are now centralized infrastructure instead of being
- Constraint solvers which simplify solving thermodynamic
constraints have been introduced.
- New fully implicit models:
- 3p3c, 3p3cni: Isothermal and non-isothermal three-phase,
three-component models for flow and transport in porous media.
- MpNc: A model for arbitrary number of phases M > 0, and components
(N >= M - 1). This model also comes with modules for considering
energy and molecular diffusion
- stokes, stokes2c, stokes2cni: A model for the plain Stokes
equation as well as isothermal and non-isothermal Stokes models
for two-component fluids.
- Overhaul of the sequentially-coupled models:
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ EXTRA_DIST = dune.module \
stamp-vc \
CMake/Modules/*.cmake \
CMakeLists.txt \
debug.opts optim.opts
SUBDIRS = doc dumux m4 test tutorial
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