Commit d681bb27 authored by Martin Schneider's avatar Martin Schneider
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[discretisation] Implement function to get name of discretisation method

parent b7ea71f5
......@@ -38,6 +38,24 @@ namespace Dumux {
none, box, cctpfa, ccmpfa, staggered, fem
* \brief The name of the discretization method
* \ingroup Discretization
std::string discretizationMethodToString(DiscretizationMethod discMethod)
switch (discMethod)
case DiscretizationMethod::none: return "None";
case DiscretizationMethod::box: return "Box";
case DiscretizationMethod::cctpfa: return "CCTpfa";
case DiscretizationMethod::ccmpfa: return "CCMpfa";
case DiscretizationMethod::staggered: return "Staggered";
case DiscretizationMethod::fem: return "Fem";
default: return "Invalid"; // should never be reached
} // end namespace Dumux
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